Wanna look fabulous NAKED?

We’re running a special promo for those who wish to sign for 2 or more classes this term!

From Fat to PHAT!
Wanna look like a Bobbi’s Babe? Well, train like a beast! Sign up for Pole + Floorwork or SLAP, get Splits & Strength or Funky Pole Grooves at 50% off!

Hell’s Kitchen
EAT ALL U CAN! Enjoy unlimited group classes for one term at only RM1688 or two terms at only RM3288. You’ll also receive an 8-week pole dancer’s diet plan with recipes to help you get phat!

Gung-Hoe Goddess
When you spend rm1488* you automatically become Bobbi’s VIP this term! Enjoy discounts, rebates, priority in class/workshop bookings!

*Group classes in full rates only



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